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The idea of TECHPHILES is to bring kids together and help them develop a love for technology, to be able to imagine, create and collaborate using technology.
Learning to code is like learning a new language. the earlier the better. kids can start programming from the age of 5 to 12 years.
with the aid of
1. Visual programming interfaces
2. STEM based activities for unplugged learning
3. Real life games and fun to get them thinking yet engaged

Your kids will learn basic programming constructs like sequencing, conditionals and loops and use these concepts to effectively

1. Build their own sci-fi animations
2. Create games
3. Digital Stories
4. Music recitals

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  • Ashwin Kandoi

    Ashwin Kandoi

    My Daughter attended this and she loved it. She has historically not been a Fan of computers but subsequently I think the way the class was conducted her opinion changed completely. She is 8 Years old and now has developed 2 games with Scratch already. Her logical skills and capabilities has improved a lot.

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Why teach kids to code Kids these days are inherently attracted to technology. Be it mobiles, tablets, latest apps, games, etc. You say it and they grasp it. However when you compare that to the curriculum taught in schools, its mainly teaching them to use keyboard, mouse or applications like Paint, Excel, etc. For kids these days, this is ancient knowledge, they don't have to really work hard to develop these skills. Instead, we can use this early age of 6-12 years, where kids are not bound with a stressful subject study to really understand how to converse with technology. Instead of just passively using apps, games etc. without getting a chance to express their own creativity, they can create amazing projects.

The idea of Techphiles is to bring kids together and help them develop a love for technology, to be able to imagine, create and collaborate using technology. When we were younger we learned how to stitch, but are we all tailors? We learned how to write, but are we, professional writers? But we all know that these are essential life skills Similarly, in this technologically advanced world, learning code is not optional anymore. We need to teach kids how to code so they can, in turn, Innovate From self-driven cars to robot-assisted surgery, our world is in the middle of a major revolution. Our kids need to be empowered to lead this movement. Coding is the basic skill required for that. Build confidence When a child learns to code, and create something from his own imagination, the joy of sharing it with family and friends knows no bounds. Catch them young Learning to code is like learning a new language. The earlier the better. They grasp concepts like sequencing, loops, and conditionals, and this knowledge lasts a lifetime. Succeed An experience in programming, is a character building.

It helps you in areas like math, reading, and science. Our introductory course in coding teaches kids Basic programming constructs We teach basic concepts of programming using pen and paper, games and other fun activities, whereby they absorb new concepts whilst having fun Visual programming We teach using easy to use tools in which kids can build a simple program using drag and drop instead of having to type of lines of code. Building their own games Which kids doesn't like to play games, but we teach them to make one. It gives them an amazing sense of control and they feel accomplished. Design stories Kids can learn how to express themselves using audio, video and sound based animations.

They learn to combine the physical world with the virtual world. Future plans. We intend to create a hub for tech-lovers in our city with Lego Robots Arduinos Makey Makey Beebots 3D Printers So sign up your kids now, for the introductory course. Its a gift for life!