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The idea of TECHPHILES is to bring kids together and help them develop a love for technology, to be able to imagine, create and collaborate using technology.
Learning to code is like learning a new language. the earlier the better. kids can start programming from the age of 5 to 12 years.
with the aid of
1. Visual programming interfaces
2. STEM based activities for unplugged learning
3. Real life games and fun to get them thinking yet engaged

Your kids will learn basic programming constructs like sequencing, conditionals and loops and use these concepts to effectively

1. Build their own sci-fi animations
2. Create games
3. Digital Stories
4. Music recitals

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Give your child a gift for life!

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  • Ashwin Kandoi

    Ashwin Kandoi

    My Daughter attended this and she loved it. She has historically not been a Fan of computers but subsequently I think the way the class was conducted her opinion changed completely. She is 8 Years old and now has developed 2 games with Scratch already. Her logical skills and capabilities has improved a lot.

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