The Mad Rush To Win The Rat Race

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As parents of young kids, we strive hard to provide them with everything. We don't wish to disappoint our kids. But is this the right approach? Most parents fulfill materialistic demands, leaving out emotional and spiritual ones. Parents rush to admit their kids in school at the tender age of 1+. With the current scenario of the schooling system, they open their doors for kids as young as 6 months. Many schools have a mother toddler program for kids this young, this is reasonable. But leaving your little one in the care of total strangers in the name of education is preposterous.

This is the best time for you to bond with your child. Provide a loving, caring and stimulating environment at home. The child learns best when it's coming from you or a loved one.

Parents don't realize that once you start off with school, your child is going to spend more than half of his/her life there. So besides going to school, there's this mad rush to send your child to every possible class. Some might argue that there's no harm done. But I beg to differ. Your child is not a machine or a canvas that you can paint your expectations on. At a tender age, all kids want to do is play and have fun. Didn't we do the same as kids, we didn't turn out bad, did we?! Till the age of 6, all the child wants is to enjoy, have fun and play. If you're going to cram your child's brain and time with extracurricular activities and classes, they will slowly hate the very thought of learning and develop a dislike for these as they grow.

Let your kids choose what they want to learn, rather than you packing them off to various camps. Yes, you need to expose your child to different activities, but you don't need to enroll them in everything. Give them the option of going for a trial class, if they like it, they will happily continue.

We all know it's a crazy competitive world, and we drive our kids to win. But not everyone can be a winner. Each child's learning curve, capacity, and capabilities are different, so as parents we need to understand, empathize and be happy with their choices.

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