Need Of Music Training For Kids And Teens

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                                                                           Music training improves cognitive 
                                                        more than twice as much as sports, theatre, paint or dance
There is hardly any person on earth, who do not like music. Feelings can be better expressed by music as compared to words. It goes with sir Shakespeare saying that“ when words fail music speaks”. Even many of the renowned people have always admired music as the best means of expressing feeling. It has the power to relieve stress, relief from pain, change the mood, inspire, entertain and above all it is always the form of escape from all the chaos of life. People just get engrossed in the tones, we easily remember the lyrics of the songs even if just hear it once. It is the strongest form of magic created by human beings.
As it is the most favorite part of all people's life. Composing such music requires a great strength of creativity, intelligence, and practice. Most of us only know listening music but playing it and creating is the most interesting work. Music field is the most innovative field. Once one tone is composed, the composer is remembered forever for that tone.It is considered as the expression of the soul. After scientists, it is these
musicians who are respected for their innovative work.
Although it is so much important and interesting field still, we observe that our education system is not considering it as much important as of the other activities. Students learn extracurricular activities like sports, dance etc for a different learning experience through exposure. Variety of activities are included but parents should precisely select the activity with an intention to gain the skills which can be developed by these activities. Some activities enhance physical capacity, some logical whereas some enhance innovative and creative. The innovative activities increase the cognition ability of kids. Most of the other countries have a professional curriculum designed for music. They respect it as the most interesting activity. Let us take an example of one of the best education system worldwide that is Finland, In Finland music is taught as classroom subject from primary levels grades. Music is included as the important activity in a daycare program for all babies and toddlers. Later it is important to subject till age 6-12, Lastly, it is an elective subject at higher grades. While teaching, at younger grades regular teachers teach it while professionals teach music at higher grades. As said above, learning music improves cognitive skills more than twice of all of the other activities. Cognition is the ability to acquire understanding and knowledge through thought and experiences, it is related to a mental process of kids that is awareness, reasoning, intelligence, and thinking.If students are engaged in learning music, they will get an exposure to the different learning activity and knowledge which will eventually develop their cognitive skills. Exposure and learning together can motivate the students to be consistent and learn further. If we go back to the older generation, there were very few teachers or courses which
were available for learning music. As it is an innovative and artistic stream, teaching music is the toughest part. It requires huge experience and practice. Parents should take at most care while selecting the music tutor. Students should learn it only from a musician who is experienced. Who has vast experience these filed? Who has a various qualification in this field? They have a knack and their immense work experience can motivate and encourage kids to this new musical world.
Time has changed, we have to explore kids from various different activities. While doing so, let's make them innovative and creative, so let's start involving kids in such musical activities. With a different learning experience, we can also enhance their cognition skills. If students are involved in the proper learning mode they can enhance their skills and can be a future musician. Take an example of any of the renowned musician they have reached their position only through rigorous and continuous learning from other experts. By taking proper steps today we can surely pave the way for kids bright future. 

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  • Reena Andavarapu

    Reena Andavarapu

    Yes, I truly believe in music and its impact on one's cognitive development. I've put my kids into learning piano as I was keen on having music as an influence in their lives.