Confused? What To Learn? How To Enrol?

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In the world we live, we have innumerable options for anything and everything. From clothes to accessories to books to groceries to information, we have so many alternatives that we tend to get confused very easily. The same applies when it comes to choosing what to learn and how to do it. First of all, we must know the importance of learning at any or every age. Learning is a continuous process. You can never say that you have learned enough. There is something or the other which we can learn. We all should aim to be a life-long learner.   WHY SHOULD WE STRIVE TO LEARN MORE AND MORE?   It keeps our brains healthy and active fo... View More


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Meditation has its origins in Vedanta which is a part of Hindu traditions. For a long time, it was thought to be a practice fit only for adults. But now the times are changing and an increased number of children are showing their interest in meditating. Many schools have replaced detention with meditation and are focusing on teaching kids the importance of it. Studies have proved that starting meditation early in life has a profound effect on the intellectual, emotional and mental development of an individual. Meditation helps kids to unplug and relax. The simple act of teaching kids to stop, focus and breathe can bring a huge difference in t... View More

Do You Think Offline Education Is Dying?

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Offline education means the traditional way of teaching and studying. There is a class, a teacher, and students, all physically present at a place. Our parents have studied in this way and to date, it is in practice at many places. But now students also have a lot of options at their disposal other than the offline education. The education scenario is changing rapidly and new techniques are being introduced every other day. Now we have made a lot of technological progress and it gave us computers, the internet and a lot of other multimedia devices which are increasingly becoming a part and parcel of the modern education system. There is a... View More


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For most of our lives, we have been told that blue is for boys and pink is for girls; that boys don’t cry; that girls should play with dolls and boys with guns and cars. But now many of the new-age parents are following a ‘gender neutral’ approach to raising their children. It is still quite a controversial topic in many countries.   Gender neutral parenting is generally defined with three varying degrees. Some of the parents take an extreme approach wherein they refuse to reveal the gender of their child at the birth and allow the child to identify their own gender at their own pace. In 2016, a Swedish couple was in ... View More


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In India, We have several boards to choose from. As a parent, it is confusing many times and how to enroll and which board will be better for my child is a question always. Which board will help my kid to be a doctor, engineer, pilot or developer? SSC, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB & so many questions we as a parent have while choosing a school. So focusing only on how it differs and which is suitable as per your conditions you may choose it from this analysis. Background- We all studied (Age group -30+) in SSC or CBSE board mostly, which were available for most Indian schools. Out of that, 70% in SSC and 30% in CBSE. Now from last 15years, t... View More