Are Mothers The Biggest Decision Makers To Change This New Generation Of India?

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I am Shilpa, the mother of two daughters, being one, I have realized we are always one step ahead of feeling, understanding and recognizing our children more than their fathers. So, we not only feel, understand and recognize our child better but we take a lot of decisions for them as well as for our family. This includes juggling our own time, schedule and likings!  How one can say that women do not know how to make a decision? Do you feel the same? I don't!  In fact, I feel we are the ones who are making decisions every day, every moment of our being. Working moms managing household chores, maids, pick & drop for kids..... View More

Impact Of International Education Curriculum

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“ The measure of intelligence, is the ability to change”                                  -Alberty Einstein            Let's look back to our old generation schools, we had a monotonous way of teaching in which the teacher used to teach and we used to listen. As an impact today we only remember we used to go to school. We now do not remember any of the facts which we learned at that time. Awareness or understanding was not the part of li... View More

How Preschools Can Mold The Child Creative Attitude

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“ Play is the highest form of research”                                                           -Albert Einstein                  Preschools in Nashik are the first world to which are little are exposed to. They are first, learning to be away from the home environment. Getting away from parents is ... View More

5 Reasons Why You Should Sell On An E-Commerce Marketplace

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In the digital era that we live in, for any seller or service provider having a mere website is not sufficient to create an online presence. While social media promotions to help create brand awareness, it’s important is ask if it is enough to generate as well as increase sales. The best way for sellers and service providers to get a bigger online presence and increase sales is to have their brand listed in more than one online locations. Online marketplaces are one of the ways you can get a broader online presence. In fact, they are the best way to give your products and services the exposure they deserve. So, what exactly is an onlin... View More

Experiential Schools: The Education That Your Child Needs.

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Every parent wants the best education for their children. We live under the impression that good education means a lot of mugging and then scoring good grades in exams. But does this system truly ensure a bright future for your child? Does this system make your kid a better person as he or she grows up? Will this system help your child become a better decision maker in life? Good memory may be a part of intelligence but it is not sufficient, your children should also be able to think creatively, they should develop an aptitude for problem-solving, they should be able to converse better with different peer groups, they should be able to seek, ... View More