Competitive Examination : An Unbiased Way Of Judging Talent

Category: Career

“Examination” word brings an immediate fear in everyone's mind. We normally hate exams and always like to be away from it. Right from childhood, we are constantly engrossed in exams process. Well but we can say that it is the only through the way of exams that true talent gets real justice. It is the only path by which many students pave their paddle of success. One single exam score can tremendously change the life of many individuals. Today, almost all of the professional fields have adopted entrance examination system in which students face the competitive entrance test and then only they can be admitted to professional cou... View More

Summer Camps: Need Or Hype

Category: Hobby/Passion

“A lot of parents pack their troubles, and send them off to summer camps”                                                                  -Raymond Duncan                “ Summer camp” today has almost become the need of the society.... View More

Survival With Education

Category: Schools

What is the real meaning of education, do we need education just to get a job or be able to survive in this world or feed ourselves. Well if education just means to survive then we don't need it, all animals are to surviving on this planet and they are not giving any exams, whereas they are doing better than us. Learning should be used for the welfare of humanity and its development, not just mere competing and running blindly towards emptiness. Today children are sent to best schools to study and overall development so they can make a place for themselves in the society. They have a curriculum... View More


Category: Schools

FRAVASHI INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY –   Fravashi International Academy is counted among some of India’s best residential and day-boarding school located in Nashik. It was founded by R.S. Luth Education Trust under the chairmanship of Mr. Ratan Luth. It was awarded the Best Day Boarding and Boarding school in Western India by the Brands Academy in 2016. The word ‘Fravashi’ is made up of two roots – fra and Vashi- which means ‘the prime choice’. The mission is ‘to provide each student a diverse and all-round education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, moti... View More


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        “Play is the work of childhood”   – Jean Piaget   Children learn the best when their senses are activated, and they use them to explore and understand the world around them. Kids use their sense of touching, smelling, moving, hearing and seeing to delve into their surroundings. It is an important part of childhood development and many studies have been conducted to emphasize the importance of sensory play in brain development in kids. Learning through sensory visualization is a natural attribute of babies and kids since they lack other skills to build an understanding... View More