Classes: Really A Need Or Wastage Of Time?

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After schools, the next important task which we all know and have always attended is the phenomenon called as “classes”. What is class?. It is a group of students attending a specific course or lesson. We have always seen that parents are busy in searching new classes for every now and then. And today, students are busy in the schedule of attending one class after another. Earlier, it was only for education or study purpose which was the need but today we find students are enrolled in any activity which is introduced. example: dance,swimming,cooking,painting,music etc. In fact, it has become a fashion to enroll to any novice activ... View More


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MEHLI MEHTA MUSIC FOUNDATION –   Founded in 1995, it is a not-for-profit organization which promotes western classical music through giving music education to children and presentation of high-quality concerts. It was founded by Mr. Mehli Mehta who was the conductor of the American Symphony for 33 years. He was also the founder of the Bombay String Quartet and Bombay Symphony Orchestra. Its mission is to create more awareness and appreciation of western classical music. The famous musician Zubin Mehta remains personally involved in all aspects of the foundation. It has also initiated Sangat, the first ever chamber music festival... View More


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DANCAMAZE –   Started by two extremely talented dancers, Eshna and Priyamvada, in 2015 Dancamaze is an extremely focused dance institution. It is synonymous with dance, taste, and quality. Eshna Chopra, who is the founding member, is trained to be a film and TV producer at Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods International in Mumbai. But her passion for dance started at the age of 10 and she went on to reach the highest level of Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts. Similarly, Priyamvada Kant is a trained dancer from Delhi and has worked in shows like Jai Santoshi Maa, Swim Team, Bairi Piya, Hamari Saas Leela. Another impo... View More

Competitive Examination : An Unbiased Way Of Judging Talent

Category: Career

“Examination” word brings an immediate fear in everyone's mind. We normally hate exams and always like to be away from it. Right from childhood, we are constantly engrossed in exams process. Well but we can say that it is the only through the way of exams that true talent gets real justice. It is the only path by which many students pave their paddle of success. One single exam score can tremendously change the life of many individuals. Today, almost all of the professional fields have adopted entrance examination system in which students face the competitive entrance test and then only they can be admitted to professional cou... View More

Summer Camps: Need Or Hype

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“A lot of parents pack their troubles, and send them off to summer camps”                                                                  -Raymond Duncan                “ Summer camp” today has almost become the need of the society.... View More