How Experiential School Can Change Your Child's Future?

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The word Experiential itself is self-explanatory. It is a schooling system or education system where students, especially children receive knowledge through various practical experiments. It is now known and accepted by many that practical knowledge acquired by carrying out physical activates can be retained for longer periods of time and will prove more useful in real life. Knowledge is incredibly important for any career and life in general.

When it comes to knowledge both theoretically and practically acquired knowledge is important for a full cerebral development. Exposing your child to an environment where a combination of both is used in sync for kid’s education will be the best as this helps them develop on both fronts: memory and application of knowledge. Experiential school’s in Nasik like Espalier have adopted these teaching methods and are proving successful in developing open, explorative and educationally inclined child groups.  We have all grown up in a standard schooling system that only calls for learning and repetition of that information but the gap between information and knowledge cannot be filled if you cannot use your acquired knowledge in life. The main aim of education is to acquire skills to lead a fulfilled life. Learning helps in molding an individual’s personality and character which brings out the best in them gradually preparing them for real-life situations

Knowledge comes in both theory and practical ways to us but the ability to absorb theory and use that in practical application only happens when kids are exposed to activities involving those theories. We live in an age of fast speedy deliveries and Smartphone friendly environment with day by day decreasing attention spans of children as well as adults, hence absorbing theory through traditional learning is considered a daunting and often boring task by almost anyone.  This system of learning theory manually and applying it later may have worked in the past but with the attention spans declining day by day kids need more and more creative way of learning and application of theory be it science, math, arts or even social sciences like History and Geography.

Let’s first see how theory and practical knowledge works in sync.

A theory is a knowledge that is either already established or a set of question to establish new knowledge. When you study theory you learn from the experiences of others. The theory is a knowledge that others before you invested their lives in gathering and formulating, which is directly available to you for either accepting or questioning. Theoretical knowledge leads you to a deeper understanding of various concepts and helps design mind maps that you can use for further learning and be setting life goals. Theory helps you understand the why’s behind many worldly concepts. Modern development is advancing on the basis of previously recorded theory and improvements that others contribute after applying it into practice. A sound theoretical base is of utmost importance for gaining practical knowledge. Anything done practically without theoretical knowledge backing it can turn dangerous at times. Considering a Doctor or an Architect as examples, no one would trust a medical student with a corpse or and architects designs without the sound theoretical understanding of the same.

These students once adept with the theory can apply to practical situation their knowledge. Especially in the professional education scenario, practical knowledge helps in the deep understanding of the concepts along with the origin and the importance of the facts learned through theoretical knowledge.

Experiential schools for children have started to blend this knowledge and have started designing creative courses where the teachers take their theories out in the open environment and create student engagement in activities that involve physical and well as psychological development. CBSE Schools in Nashik are focusing more on a project based curriculums. They are going to a student-centric approach where the main focus is on making the student acquire knowledge and use it in real life situations. Developing motor and gross skills of kids through physical and practical activities is given importance. Students are provided opportunities to learn through different senses like sound, Visuals, smell and touch and taste. They are made to engage in informal conversations with people of the different age group to open their minds to a variety of experiences. It is also understood by these educationalists that all minds are not equal and they need different simulations to acquire different knowledge. Such students who face certain learning disabilities are observed and diagnosed with these problems and then learning strategies are developed to help them cope with that.

This affects the overall personality of your child. Your kid will be more proactive in approaching life when he/she grows up. They will be able to question life and learn from experiences. They will have better decision-making skills, no matter whatever field they choose they will do great things as their approach will be more scientific and experiential. Thus ensuring a better future for your child where they are satisfied and happy with their life and work.   

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