EQ And IQ Both Are Important – Explain The Experts On Child Psychology!

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The core traits and attributes of a person begin to manifest early during childhood itself; and wise parents are quick to grasp them as finer definitions of their ward. However, the emphasis on education has been mainly oriented towards the scorecards and the IQ or the intelligence quotient. The reason for this is the fact that these indices directly relate to the ability to find earning avenues in the social economy. Educationists on the other hand have emphasized on holistic grooming of the child mind with equal focus on the objective aptitudes and behavioral traits; the latter being the neglected ones in most cases. The emotional development of the child is an integral determinant of the behavioral dimensions of the child, opine the experts on child psychology. They ask for undertaking dedicated curriculums at school and home towards boosting the EQ or the emotional quotient. The equation that the experts forward is that an emotionally competent child is more open to knowledge gain and training concepts rather than the introvert type! A finer and high end corollary of such an equation is that persons with high EQ emerge as the great leaders because of their ability to read the emotional affinities in others and thus connect with the people in a better way to generate the wider resonance.

In last few years, there has been much discussion on the emotional grooming of the child and this has been more relevant in the wake of changed patterns of social economy wherein the father and mother are more inspired by their monetary aspirations. In such a situation, the child finds none who could respond to the emotional demands of the child mind as it grows; as a result of which there develops reclusive behavior in the child; though his IQ could be high! We do find the specialized institutions now that offer to make the resurrections and lift up the EQ in the child through the use of dedicated techniques, role play models and programs.

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