Digital Marketing Redefines The Competitiveness And Customer Engagement Dimensions

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Marketing emerged very early in social economy because through it, the vendors and manufacturers ensured their competitiveness in the market. This equation stands validated even today in ever robust forms and manifestations; such that the marketing gurus keep scouting for the new channels and mechanisms including digital marketing to do the canvassing and influence the target consumer groups that have become dynamic, intelligent and clever! These attributes of consumer keep the digital marketing experts awake at night while the companies do the vigil to safeguard their hard earned customer bases. The digital channels have caught the fancy of managers because these are very targeted; courtesy to the search engines that serve very passionately! Potential ‘sheer resonance’ is the objective of the marketing experts who are leveraging the enriched and vibrant social networking turfs in the web to engage the probable customers; while content marketing is yet another means to engage the educated and curious minds.

The channels of ‘engagement’ are important in the sense because these allow the rich interaction between the companies and customers who can air their views and queries which serve as the guidance points to maneuver the catering strategy in the popular market. Earlier, the engagement was missing and the canvassing/advertising was rather blunt and one sided. Now the interactive media allows two way communications and the managers can easily decipher the trends at the horizons and make adjustments accordingly towards remaining afloat and competitive. Thus digital marketing allows the marketers to execute their innovative plans more effectively and track down the changes in a differentiated manner. Today, we also have the smart software support that allows digital marketing experts the ability to trace the preferences of different consumer groups which marks the depth of engagement. Thus marketing has found new dimensions through the digital revolution that is unfolding in the socio – economic domains.

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    Yogesh Badad

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